Actor and film-maker Danny Mulheron tells Diana Wichtel that the revival of Jewish compositions silenced by the Nazis is a reminder of the truth of those times.

“Inconceivable, really, that someone should care that much about classical music that they should forbid its being played … a weird kind of flattery, being banned by the Nazis.”

That’s a line from the 2009 documentary made by New Zealand actor and film-maker Danny Mulheron about his German Jewish grandfather.

The Third Richard tells the story of Richard Fuchs, the talented musician, architect, artist and composer from Karlsruhe, Germany, who was sent to Dachau after Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass – the night in November 1938 of violence against Jews throughout the German Reich choreographed by the Nazis and carried out by them and by willing civilians and neighbours.

Fuchs managed to get a visa to New Zealand and emigrate with his wife and two daughters in 1939. Survival. It wasn’t the end of the story. Fuchs was fleeing almost certain death back home for being too Jewish. In New Zealand, he was too German, an enemy alien.

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