Shavout June 8th Saturday at Beth Shalom:
6.30-7.15: Tefillot Shul
7.15-8.15:Session one
*Death and Mourning with Sue Berman, president of Burial and Benevolent Society, upstairs
in the room A.
• Librarian from Auschwitz Young adult literature discussion on how to tackle difficult topics with youth Debbie Swiatek and Olga Bernstein – Library.
• Near Death Experiences and the Jewish Sources with Chris Milton – Social Hall.
• Cheesy Treats with Jude – Making Labeneh, a Middle Eastern cheese – kitchen
8.15-8.45: Shared Dairy Delights
Don’t Forget to Bring Something to Share
8.45-9.45: Session Two
•Mikve to Marriage – Tanya Thomson – Jewish sources – Room A upstairs.
• Stav Rogel, a professional Israel singer and Ted Ries our rocking guitarist present Israel music in Shul.
• Stand up for the Truth – Holocaust discussion with Chris Harris from the NZ Holocaust Centre. Room B Upstairs
• Israeli documentary and discussion – Library
Operation Mural – Retrospective Israeli documentary following the journey of 530 children in 1961 from Morocco to Israel
Encounter: Israeli film on relations between Palestinian and Israel