By Aryeh Savir (TPS) on J-Wire.

Israel’s mission to the United Nations (UN) marked an achievement for the Jewish state this week when the UN adopted a Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy that unequivocally condemns the terrorist organizations’ use of civilians as human shields.

After many efforts by the UN delegation led by Ambassador Gilad Erdan [pictured] vis-à-vis the ambassadors of the relevant countries, a decision determining the UN’s strategy to combat terrorism included a number of important items that constitute a significant achievement for Israel.

The Assembly unanimously adopted the resolution titled “The United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy:  seventh review” calling upon Member States to take appropriate measures to address “the new and emerging threats posed by the rise in terrorist attacks on the basis of xenophobia, racism and other forms of intolerance, or in the name of religion or belief.”

Only a month after the IDF’s Operation Guardian of the Walls against Hamas, and at Israel’s request, the UN condemned the terrorist organizations’ use of civilians as human shields, a method employed by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

In addition, in its decision, the UN condemned for the first time anti-Semitic terrorism and recognized its existence.

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