Hello LIMMUDniks! We are offering the opportunity to a LIMMUD NZ volunteer to attend the Limmud Connect: Global Volunteer Forum in Israel from Thursday 3 – Sunday 6 May 2018. The programme is primarily based at Yearim Hotel, Maaleh Haamisha, just outside Jerusalem, finishing on the Sunday in Tel Aviv.

The Global Volunteer Forum is being run by Limmud (International) as an opportunity for Limmud volunteers to connect, network and learn together:

“Participants will connect with other volunteers from across the Limmud world and engage with experts on where Jewish identity is heading. Understanding these trends will be of importance in ensuring your Limmud can be ahead of the game in addressing the next generation and innovating.”

Groups will also have an opportunity to engage with their challenges, share best practice, learn from other groups and solve problems together.All in all, the participants will experience first-hand the benefits of a global network and bring these back to your group”.

  • LIMMUD NZ will cover the cost of the course for up to two LIMMUD NZ volunteers. In addition, a subsidy is also available for travel from Limmud International.
  • This is likely to be either $1200 for one person or $600 each for two people. It is a requirement from Limmud International that: “Participants will be requested to sign that they plan to commit to at least a year of active volunteering after the event with their Limmud group, or within the organisation. “
  • For LIMMUD NZ, we would expect that to mean involvement in LIMMUD NZ 2018 and 2019.
  • We need to apply for subsidies by VERY SOON (by 13 December), so if you are interested please contact us as soon as possible.

You can either contact Tanya Thomson (LIMMUD NZ Trustee) on tanyathomsonnz@gmail.com or send us a message on our Facebook page. 

Adina Halpern, Paul Wilton & Tanya Thomson LIMMUD NZ Trustees




Shabbat Shalom, LIMMUD NZ