View Portraits of “Survivors: Faces of Life after the Holocaust”

Marking 75 years since VE day, the Allied victory over Nazi Germany, each day for the next 75 days, one of the 75 portraits from the joint project “Survivors: Faces of Life after the Holocaust” will be shown on Yad Vashem’s Twitter feed.

These individual portraits of survivors were taken by world-renowned photographer Martin Schoeller at Yad Vashem and were featured in an exhibition at the Ruhr Museum in Essen, Germany that opened in January 2020.

Accompanying the portraits are messages from the survivors for the generations to come — messages of human decency and dignity, filled with hope and faith in humanity.

The images and messages were published in a book and the exhibition is being offered for display in museums throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Watch Survivor Films from Home

New films have been recently added to the “Witnesses and Education” series of testimony films in which survivors recount their life stories at the locations in which the events transpired.

The films are centered around the stories of the survivors and through their telling we learn of the history and fate of the Jewish communities in which they lived. The films are between 30-60 minutes long and can be seen here.