The Zionist Federation of New Zealand (ZFNZ) and the Raye Freedman Trust (RFT) are delighted to announce a new agreement that will bring Birthright Taglit back to New Zealand. The Birthright Taglit Programme gives Jewish Youth who have not been on an organised programme to Israel the opportunity to go on a free 10 day educational trip to Israel.

The ZFNZ have been in negotiations with the Zionist Federation of Australia to secure a minimum of 6 places per year for Jewish Youth from New Zealand to join their Birthright programme. Rob Berg, President of the ZFNZ, commented that “this is a great opportunity for Jewish youth from New Zealand to experience and learn about Israel. Birthright Taglit is a fantastic opportunity and we are grateful to the Raye Freedman Trust for making the funding available and for the ZFA in guaranteeing New Zealand places”

Stephen Katz from the Raye Freedman Trust added, “The Raye Freedman Trust is happy to support Jewish youth from New Zealand going on Birthright. For so many of our youth, getting to Israel is very expensive and the cost can be prohibitive. Being able to join the ZFA Birthright programme will now make this achievable for up to 6 of our youth each year”.

Participants will need to apply via the Birthright website and will only have to pay for their return flights to Melbourne. Rob Berg noted that “if there are more than 6 people who want to go on Birthright in any one year, additional funding from the community would need to be sought, otherwise some applicants will have to wait until the following year”.

For more information on this amazing opportunity, please see the Birthright website or contact Stav Rogel on .

Applications for summer 2019 open on 28 January 2019