Shanah Tovah wishes and two important events taking place in October…

As we approach this Rosh HaShanah it is always a good time to reflect, not just on the past year, but also on the up and coming one. For the Zionist Federation it has been a year in which we have benefited hugely from our Shlichut programme to be able to extend the regular activities we have always undertaken and will continue to undertake.

Whilst the ZFNZ Executive is made up of volunteers, we do have significant costs in making sure we can afford to remunerate our paid staff (Idit, our Office Manager and Stav, our Shlichah).

Additionally, we have the costs of running our activities which include the following:

  • Organising community events such as:
    • Chanukah in the Bays
    • Auckland Community Purim event
    • Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations in Wellington and Auckland
    • Yom HaShoah and Yom HaZikaron services
  • March of the Living
  • Birthright Taglit
  • MASA Israel Programmes
  • Youth events
  • Guest speakers
  • HOPE (Holocaust Outreach Programme of Education)
  • Supporting the Zionist Youth Movements
  • Supporting the Beth Shalom Hebrew School
  • Aliyah
  • Israel advocacy

Whilst we do receive some funding from the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organisation, as well as from some local Trust Funds such as the Raye Freedman Trust and the Harry Baker Memorial Trust, these are never enough to meet our full running costs. The ZFNZ, therefore, relies on membership fees and donations from the community in order to afford to continue the important work it does and has been doing in New Zealand for well over 70 years.

Teshuvah  Tefillah  Tzedakah

This Rosh HaShanah we have decided to put out an appeal to the community and to our supporters across the country to ask you to help us in ensuring we can run our activities for both the New Zealand Jewish community and for supporting the State of Israel. 

We have also decided this year to support the Lone Soldiers of the IDF, those serving in the Israeli Defense Force who do not have any parents in Israel, by passing on 10% of all donations received to the Lone Soldiers Centre. This is a great cause, especially as many of us in the community will know people who have made aliyah and served or are serving in the IDF whilst their parents are abroad. This is our way to give back to these brave individuals.

Please give generously by either donating direct to the ZFNZ via internet banking (bank details below) or by donating through our Give a Little page.

02-0100-0024800-005 (use 05 if you only have two spaces for the suffix).

If you wish to become a member of the ZFNZ, please contact Idit at

Finally, we wish all our supporters and friends a Shanah Tovah and may 5780 bring us all health, happiness, joy, and peace. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Up and coming events:

Please support Dr David Cumin in this discussion with John Minto. We have no doubt that Mr Minto will present  a very anti-Israel perspective and will have a large following in the audience. It is therefore crucial to have lots of people attend to show their support for both David and the State of Israel. Please join us and bring additional supporters, if you can.

See more information on this event here.

October also brings a great opportunity for our youth to spend a weekend away discussing contemporary issues such as being Jewish in New Zealand as well as exploring their connections with Israel and modern day Zionism.

The weekend, being held on an Auckland Island, will also include fun packed activities, treks, and an opportunity to spend a memorable Shabbat together and eat some great Kosher food.

Please contact Stav (ZFNZ Shlicha) at for further details. See more information on this event here.