Dear friends:

Since Lorde responded to the anti-Israel BDS campaign to cancel her planned concert in Israel, we have seen a flurry of activity in some parts of the New Zealand population against Israel and in support of the BDS. This has included editorials in our two main daily newspapers, the Dominion Post and the New Zealand Herald who openly came out in favour of the boycott against the world’s only Jewish State.

Whilst there are definitely many people who fully understand what the BDS and chants such as “from the river to the sea” really mean, there are many who being convinced that the BDS is a legitimate peaceful campaign to end the “occupation of Palestinian land”. Only most in the BDS will not state what they mean by “occupied”, although cracks are beginning to appear in their armor as more are openly calling for a One State Solution with full right of return for all Palestinian Arab refugees and their descendants (the only refugees in history whose descendants have been given refugee status as well).

The call for a One State Solution and how this would be achieved – i.e. the right of Palestinian return, by those supporting and leading the BDS would signal the end of the only Jewish country in the world. It would end the Zionist dream of the re-birth of the 3rd Jewish State of Israel/ Judea and the only place of refuge for Jews across the globe, and it would signal the end to Jewish self-determination.

To counter this campaign for the destruction of the State of Israel by so called “peaceful” means, the Israel Institute of New Zealand has produced two excellent videos exposing the BDS. These can be found by clicking here and here. I would strongly remind spending some time looking at these and sharing them through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Whilst these excellent videos only touch the surface in the time given, more information can be found on the internet. Two particular good sites are Stand With Us and Stop BDS.

It is our responsibility to know the counter arguments and the truth behind the BDS so that we are in a position to counter it wherever it tries to rear its ugly head.


Rob Berg
President of the Zionist Federation of New Zealand