If you love Jewish genealogy, if you’d like to explore the context of your ancestors’ lives or even if you are “just” curious about your family history, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining a Jewish genealogical society (JGS). It is your best opportunity for establishing the interpersonal connections with like-minded people to enrich your family research experience.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, JGS membership provides an excellent route for learning and sharing knowledge about genealogy:

⦁ Jewish-focused genealogical research techniques.
⦁ The array of research repositories, internet resources and databases.
⦁ Histories and cultures of Jewish communities all around the world.
⦁ Overcoming obstacles in your personal research (“brick walls”).
⦁ Learn how to find clues from old photos.
⦁ And so much more – how technology can help you in your research, how to preserve records, artifacts, and how DNA tests may be helpful.

You may say that you can learn about all of these things online, through webinars and from books. All of these have their place. However, books and the net can never substitute for personal contact with genealogy buddies who will share the thrills of your genealogical successes and empathize with your frustration with research barriers. Intrigued?

Contact us by emailing:

Meetings are held bi-monthly via Zoom. Meetings provide a mix of general discussion, presentations, or webinars and an opportunity to network with others researching similar areas and history. The annual membership fee is $20. And your first meeting as a guest is free of charge – we would love to have you along.